SEO Secret Tips: Convert You Blog To A Passive Income Source

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: This guide will only work if you take action and follow along the step by step procedure. I have discussed a specific niche here and tried to include everything to become successful with that niche. You can follow along with this blueprint or you can even use this system for any other niche. No matter which niche you select, you have to make it till the end to become successful. Getting targeted traffic through SEO and social media is not something you can do overnight so have patience and don’t give up. The tutorial is a bit different than other tutorials as I have overlapped few things for making it easy to follow. This tutorial gives some necessary basics of SEO at the beginning and then the tutorial gives heavy diving towards niche selection, keyword research, content strategy, and content promotion.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Things You Will Need To Follow This Guide

  • An unyielding attitude (yes, just don’t give up in the middle)
  • A Website or blog (If you don’t have then, don’t worry. Just buy a good domain and hosting and set up a blog or website. Here is a good guide: Blogging Basics)
  • Passion to earn and stick to the plan
  • Comment on the post or drop me an email if further guidance is required.
  • Bookmark this post so that you can get back when needed
  • Subscribe if possible so that you can get more niche blueprints
  • Finally, interested to earn money in hard way

6 Figure Passive Income: SEO Secret Tips & Tricks (Basics)

If you ask ten SEO experts, how to write SEO rich content and generate a six-figure passive income then, you will get probably ten totally different answers. Well, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong, rather it means that they are simply telling you what worked for them. Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task and it’s ever-changing. So what worked for other people may not work for you and what worked previously may not work now. The SEO tips and tricks for generating six-figure passive income that I’ll be telling you are still effective. No matter if you are using these tricks for your company website SEO or for your affiliate marketing blog, you will find these tricks very useful. Before you proceed any further, I would like to request you to wait at least a month after making any changes. Because the outcome may take some time to become visible and lead to a good passive income source.

Well, SEO is a vast ocean and there are many things to do for doing SEO in the right way. SEO covers everything from simple(not so simple) keyword research to content creation and promotion(Off-site SEO). So there are a lot of things to cover. In this blog, we will cover mainly keyword research, content structuring, and promotion techniques. But to understand the whole scenario we will also discuss some other part of SEO like long tail and short tail keywords, keyword research techniques, on-page SEO and off-page SEO, etc.

Keyword Research: Six-Figure Passive Income (Ultimate SEO Secret Tips)

It’s really hard to rank content without doing proper research on keywords. So how to do the keyword research properly? The answer is we can do that two way. The first one is only going for long-tail keywords and the second way is to go for short keywords(Extremely hard). Not convinced? Why would you go for short keywords? Let’s take a proper look at both settings.

Necessary Keyword Research Tools

  • Any Keyword Research Tool Free or Paid.
  • Google Keyword Planner (I use it Frequently but remember it only shows competition based on bidding not based on SEO difficulty.
  • Google Suggestion.

Long-Tail Keywords

Here the setting is easy. Just select relatively low competition long-tail keyword and build your content around it. How to do that? Well, you have to select “how-to”, “what is” type post also and create those informative type contents as well as money or lead generating contents(example: review type contents) for that keyword. This actually became a bit old school type of concept for the year 2020. Don’t worry, it still works but there is a better way to get more traffic and leads. Just look for micro-niche blogs and you will understand this setting very easily. Well, I’m not saying that this setting works only for micro-niche blogs or sites. But micro niche sites work much better with this setting.

Short-Tail Keywords

This one is very hard if you don’t do it properly. It was previously old school but now this is again the new trend with some specific changes. So, how people were doing it previously and what changed now that people start to do it again?

Well, back in 2003 or 2004, everybody was going for those short keywords because of easy traffic as the competition was very low and there were scopes for almost everybody who was targeting the right keyword. But gradually the competition becomes heavier and people started to look for long-tail keywords. So, why is now people targeting short keywords again?

I think you have already heard of authority sites or blogs. You probably hear or read many things about them almost every day and some of the good guys always keep sending you emails about how they are earning great with those authority sites and how you can do that too with simple SEO tips and tricks.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks

Well, it’s true that Google actually allows you to rank authority sites more easily. The term Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) are really important ranking factors. But what’s the relationship between Authority Websites and selecting Short Keywords? Well, the answer is everything. You usually can’t rank for those short huge traffic keywords any longer without proving that you are an authority on that niche. Yes, that’s true but becoming an authority on any niche is not as hard as you think it to be. I will discuss gradually how to do that but for now, let’s see the keyword settings for our short-tail keyword-focused authority site.

Short-Tail Keyword Research: Ultimate Ranking Blueprint

Here, you need to select a relatively broad but not too broad keyword. Because if you select too broad keyword then the background work would be so huge that you wouldn’t be able to make it happen and it wouldn’t be productive as well. Because we need targeted traffic. Now how to do that is an easy way? Well, there are many tools in the market that can help you to find the keywords you need. I usually use Google Keyword PlannerSimple Google Search(Suggestion part) and Answer The Public.

  • You can use any keyword tool of your choice. First, search the broad keyword you intend to rank.
  • List all the related keywords you find. Don’t worry if the competition is a little bit high. Just list them all including all long tails. There can be a lot of keywords on your list but that is good. The more keywords you find, the more chance you have for ranking. Well, just create your list and save it to a spreadsheet. Let us consider your broad keyword is “Cosplay Costumes“. If you search with google keyword tool then you will find more than 2000 keywords. Yes, you may find more or less depending on your area selection.
  • Now you have a choice to make. Should you go for high competition keywords or medium or low? What should be your monthly target volume for each of those keywords? Let’s take a look at the bellow image.
SEO Tips and Tricks: keyword research

The better approach is to select relatively high search volume and relatively low competition. Now, most of the low competition keywords will have a relatively low search volume. In that case, creating content for only 100 views would be a loss. So, let us select a 1k-10k search volume. Just filter and list all 1k to 10k search volumes. We will only keep low and moderate competition keywords and drop all high competition keywords. Now you have the ultimate list of keywords. Now create a separate spreadsheet for each of the keywords in a folder. Let’s call each of these spreadsheets as an individual list. Move on and let’s get some more SEO tips and tricks for our keyword research. The benefits?

  • Hundreds of topics for your content
  • If you create those contents successfully then you can drive tons of targeted traffic
  • Relatively easy to rank keywords. How? I know what you are thinking. Please read on and you will gradually get your answers.

Note: Don’t worry if the keyword competition is high in Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner shows high or low based on bidding competition not according to SEO difficulty.

Now, we have to select each keyword from our list and analyze it with the Google Keyword Planner. What you will find is something like the below image.

SEO Tips and Tricks: keyword research

Now, select 15-20 keyword you think will be good for writing content. But the search volumes are very low? Don’t worry about the competition now. Just pick the high volume keywords like “Mojo Jojo Hat”. Why? Well, stay with me and I shall give you the missing link now.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: keyword research

What does 2,440,000 mean? Well, it actually doesn’t mean that you have to complete those many website contents. Let’s see the actual scenario:

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: keyword research

What? only 39? how is that even possible? Well, the actual competition is not 39 website contents. Google actually prioritizes content that has keywords in the title to some extent. It was a sure shot years ago. Nowadays it doesn’t work like before as Google is much smarter than before. But it will give you a much better chance to rank if you put keywords on your article or blog headline. So how do you search how many contents have the keywords in title? Now let’s move to other SEO tips and tricks. Search with allintitle:”your desired keyword”. If you search with allintitle then it will be easier for you to understand the competition more.

Why are you waiting for? Just populate the individual keyword spreadsheet with those long-tail keywords.

SEO Tips and Tricks: Special Hack for selecting keywords with Allintitle: “Keyword”

SEO tips and tricks: Keyword Research with Google Keyword Tool
  • Check if there is any Quora answer on the Google top page. If you find any Quora answers on the top page then write a good answer and link back to your post.
  • Check if there is a Pinterest Board for that keyword in Google top page. If you find any then create a Pinterest Board with that keyword and populate that board with related links, including yours.
  • If you find any Facebook or Twitter posts or tweets on Google front page with your keyword then you can do the same for Facebook or Twitter or any other social media. I think you already understand what to do.

Keyword Selection: Buying Intent Vs Informative

Keyword research is not an easy thing to do and do you know where most of the people get confused? Why they do it in the wrong way?

It’s the Intent behind the selected keyword

Yes, most of the time we can find our desired keyword but fail to understand the intent. Remember, not all people search with buying intent. Some search for information, some for fun or entertainment, some for comparison(buying intent) and the list will go on like this. Now, what you need to do is to find the keywords related to buying intent. Here, you have a choice. Like: Should you go for only buying intent? what about the traffic those are simply looking for information? Yes, if your blog or website has those informative keywords and their answers as well as buying intent keywords then it will be much easier for you to become an authority of that particular niche. The informative keywords will give you steady traffic and boost your buying intent keywords if you properly interlink them.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Structuring Blog or Website Contents

Well, so far we have discussed selecting our keyword and we made some strategies for keyword selection. Now, let us take a deeper look at how to structure our blog or website for those keyword-based content. We will discuss how to create keyword-based content at a later part of this blog. For now, let us stick to the structuring part. Let us divide our contents into 2 parts.

  • Information based content– These are mostly the contents with ‘how to’ or ‘what is’ type information contents
  • Buying intent-based content– Mostly reviews or even a great case study etc and so on.

Remember, information type contents usually bring traffic fast as they give answers to what people are actively searching for. Like- How to create Mojo Jojo Hat (DIY). So, our strategy will be linking back those long-tail keywords to our main long-tail keyword that is “Mojo Jojo Costume”. Let’s take a look at the following image.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Structuring content based on keyword

So, our pillar or cornerstone post will be a long post which will describe many things about mojo Jojo costumes like- who is Mojo Jojo? what’s so special about Mojo Jojo hat and so on along with where to buy Mojo Jojo costumes or how to order Mojo Jojo costume. This can be a huge post of around 3500-4000 words. So what about the other posts? Yes, we need to write around 1200 to 1500 word articles for those posts and link back to our pillar post(based on Mojo Jojo costume).

Note: If you are thinking why should you select “Mojo Jojo Costume” as a keyword as there are many better keywords with more traffic then you are absolutely right. It was just an example and it will be relatively easy to rank for that keyword. If you don’t like it and want another keyword to start then you can go for the following one:

” Raven Cosplay “

I hope now you are happy as the above mentioned keyword has relatively high traffic volume and medium competition. Remember, to rank better for your short tail keyword “Cosplay Costumes“, you will need to use a lot of keywords form the ultimate keyword list spreadsheet.

We will discuss the content creation part later. Let’s finish the total structure first. Don’t forget to read the notes I’m providing here. Those notes are very useful and will help you a lot to succeed.

Note: Each of your blog posts should at least contain one inbound link and one outbound link. You can use more inbound or outbound links if needed but keep at least one. Otherwise, it will create a “link wheel” which is a Big No-No for SEO. Inbound links are links to your own blog posts on the same site. Outbound links mean link back to other websites or blogs.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Content Structure for Short-tail keyword

Well, looking at the above image I think you can already grasp how you should structure your blog posts or contents. Remember, there is no absolute rule for this. It works for many and it can also work for you. But feel free to do your RND if needed.

Now you may say, that is a huge load of work. Yes, it is and that’s the reason I told you to not select a too broad niche or keyword to target. It’s true that you have the option to outsource some content whenever necessary. Still, there are actually too many content to create and you need to figure out how to do it in effective and efficient way. A better approach to this issue is to create content of each sub-niche first. Like: Creating “Raven Cosplay” related all articles and publish raven cosplay sub-niche first. Then gradually you create contents for other sub-niche and thus finally after creating 8-10 sub-niche go for the main niche “Cosplay Costume” and link the sub-niche to main niche. Then again start creating other sub-niche until you reach first page of Google for the main niche. The benefit of this strategy is: You will start getting traffic for the sub-niche contents before you start getting traffic for the main niche and eventually reach your goal towards 6 figure passive income.

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SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Content Creation

Well, So far we have discussed keyword Ideas and content structuring for our blog or website. Now, let’s take a look at how to deal with the content creation part. Content creation is not as hard as you think. If you have followed what we have discussed so far then you already have an idea of content creation. So let’s get to the point first. At this moment you have two options to solve your vast content need.

  1. Creating Content By Yourself
  2. Outsource Content

Now both have some merits and demerits. It’s hard to create all content by yourself so you have the option to outsource but if you have dedicated employees for this than that’s another story. Now let’s take a look at the things to consider before you start writing your content.

Content Writing: Things To Consider Before You Start Writing Your Content

  1. Come up with a content strategy. Don’t worry you already have a content plan with the ultimate keyword list. So just plan and schedule how you want to start your content and how frequently you will publish. Remember, publishing 10-15 content in a day is not desirable. Go a little slow because you will also need to share your content on social media.
  2. Don’t Jist write your content for reaching the first page of the search engine. Write attractive and try to give a solution to your viewers. Like: How to create DIY Mojo Jojo Hat
  3. Create a skeleton of your content before you start writing. Like: the headlines, subheads, flow of content, etc.
  4. Work on your headline. Make them as much appealing as possible. Because when people will search they will first see your headlines. If they are not appealing then nobody will click on them and you will lose your visitors.
  5. Plan on appealing images before you proceed writing. What type of image you will need and how to create those images. Decide Which software to use or what will be the content of your image.
  6. If needed, plan for some video or infographics.
  7. You can collect content and headline ideas directly from Google’s search suggestion. Like: Search for Raven Costume
Passive Income: Google Suggestion

Now, you can easily become ready for writing or generating ideas and content from the above-mentioned tips. But there are still many things to do for preparing your website and content for search engine optimization which will finally lead to a six-figure passive income source.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Search Engine Optimization (SEO Not So Secret Tips)

Getting organic traffic without proper search engine optimization is very hard. Social media and youtube can give you a lot of targeted traffic but still, SEO is always a good option toward your way of making a permanent passive income. Read till the end of this post for special promotion and backlink technique.

  • Include keywords in headlines or subheadings (Don’t overdo it and make the title as much interesting as possible)
  • Include keywords in the meta description. (Yes, catchy description as your meta description is visible in Search-Engine)
  • Don’t just dump keywords in your content. Make sure they are relevant and fit properly.
  • Search engines usually rank sites more when visitors stay longer. So, just writing is not enough. Make engaging content or at least put some attractive or engaging things like polls or meme.
  • Take care of your website or blog loading time. Remember, even saving a single second can have a huge impact on your website traffic.
  • Make sure your content is error-free; like no grammatical mistakes.
  • There are some free SEO audit tools out there. So, audit your site and make the necessary changes every month.
  • Inbound links are a great way to boost your site or blog traffic and SEO. So, link to more posts or pages whenever possible.
  • Don’t start useless commenting for backlinks. If your content and images are good then people will gradually link your content and you will get some good backlinks. Now, for your information: DIY type of posts get a lot of backlinks. So “Mojo Jojo Hat DIY” can be a good type of post for getting backlinks. Remember, I told you to mix informative types of posts and money-making posts.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Content Promotion For Organic Search

Promoting content is not an easy task. As you are still reading till now, I guess you have already followed the tutorial and now comes the most interesting part. A lot of us struggle when it comes to promoting our content. Content promotion is not that hard. Allow me to guide you through the process so that you can get tons of targeted traffic to reach our goal towards 6 figure passive income.

There are a lot of platforms to promote but our niche is a bit special and we will target heavily on some specific platforms for getting better results. Please understand, you can promote your content to any platform or media but the technique I’ll be showing you will work best on Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube. No paid promotion is needed. Just follow along and you will see the magic.

  • Facebook: Yes I know that promoting content through Facebook is not that easy but we will not promote any ugly or spammy content. What we are trying to promote is attractive and people will love to share. Well, what can it be? The answer is cosplay images and memes. Yes, you heard it right. Just create a good brand page and don’t start publishing your post on your Facebook page. Yes, that will simply ruin the game. Rather publish interesting cosplay images and memes till you get some good amount of followers. Can you remember the 80-20 rule of social media? Yes, 80% time your post will be funny and interesting cosplay images and only 20% time you will share your post on your Facebook page which will be about cosplay costumes and which will link back to your money-making post. Do it regularly. Remember, it will take months (3-4 months) to start getting your desired result but trust me if you can do it properly then you may start getting traffic from Facebook from the first month. Remember, the first month’s traffic will be very low and nothing to celebrate. Don’t get disheartened, stick to the plan and act accordingly so that you can create your 6 figure passive income source.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest can be a great marketing tool when you plan to sell cosplay costumes. Why? Because Pinterest is mostly a visual-based social media as well as a search engine. So, the more attractive your images and image headlines are, the more your chance to get attraction in Pinterest. Well, you may ask, is it that easy? No, but it’s not hard either. You have to follow some necessary steps and you will be good to go in Pinterest. So what are the necessary steps? First Create a free business profile and connect Pinterest to your website or blog. Now, open your ultimate keyword list and create 1 board for each keyword. I repeat, one board for each keyword in the list. So, if you have selected 80 keywords in your ultimate keyword list then you need to create 80 boards and each board should have a link of your pillar post of that keyword. Then what about the subtopics for those keywords? Yes, when you create content for each keyword then you should pin it to the relevant board. Join group boards of the same niche if possible or simply ignore it. Use Tailwind Tribe if possible as it will help you a lot to succeed in Pinterest marketing. Remember, Pinterest can be your ticket towards reaching 6 figure passive income.
  • Youtube: Youtube is already a giant platform and best of all, cosplay costume is an excellent niche to promote on Youtube. Why and how? Yes, I know what you are thinking. Before I answer your question allow me to ask you something. How many times do you open Youtube to watch the “how-to” type of topics each day? I think you can guess why I’m suggesting Youtube. Yes, it’s a great platform for shiny videos and “do it yourself” type of tutorials. People search those this a lot and it’s your time to shine and grab this opportunity. So, what is the plan? Simple, just create a Youtube channel and mostly create “do it yourself” type of videos for your niche and don’t forget to promote those videos on Facebook and Pinterest. You will gradually see the magic. Don’t forget to link back those videos to relevant posts of your website or blog. Trust me, Youtube can actually make your dream come true and help you a lot to build your 6 figure passive income empire.
  • Instagram & Twitter: Well, if you want some added sauce then you can include both Instagram and Twitter in this list. You can use Tailwind Tribe for Instagram. For twitter well, you know the twitter game it’s not like the others. So, don’t stop following people and organizations related to your niche and don’t stop unfollowing when needed. Remember, you are an authority for your niche and there is no authority who will spam their social account. So, give those two a try with 80-20 golden rule and see the magic. I hope if you follow these guidelines then reaching 6 figure passive income will be very easy for you.

SEO Secret Tips & Tricks: Pitfalls and Solutions

  • If your blog or website is relatively new(less than 6 months) then getting organic traffic will take a little time. It usually takes 6-8 months to start getting a good amount of traffic from search engines. So, don’t give up. Stick to the plan until 12-14 months at least. Yes, don’t get me wrong, this is not a scheme to get rich quick.
  • Setup Google search console and Google analytics to see what your viewers are doing. If you see a lot of impressions and very few clicks then work with your headlines and make them more catchy.
  • If you see a lot of bounce then check your page loading time and make it fast. Try to lead your visitors to your sales funnel. Don’t just expect them to buy when it takes time to search the product on your website
  • Don’t make a spammy looking website or blog like mineI repeat, don’t do that. I’ll change the layout when needed but don’t give your visitors the impression that you are trying to sell something.
  • Never spam on social media. Please strictly follow the rules
  • Publish your content regularly. If needed give a few days break but never give up.
  • Create as many DIY posts as possible and try to add videos. It will also help you to grow your Youtube channel.
  • Creating good and attractive images can be a challenge. Canva is a great free tool that will make your life easier for creating social media contents and images.
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