Commercial Truck Accident Attorney – Why You May Need One?

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Semi-trucks are an important element in the commerce industry in the United States, and they transport the vast majority of products across the country. As a result, accidents with commercial trucks happen all the time, and injuries to people in automobiles as well as other motor vehicles are usually catastrophic.

Commercial Truck Accident Attorney: Overview

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There are over 400,000 incidents each year involving a commercial motor vehicle, such as a Semi, box truck or van, or a commercial bus with a very light private car or truck. The weight of a packed cm can easily exceed 60 tonnes. It can demand a stopping distance of more than 400 feet if it is traveling at 65 mph, compared to about 160 feet for a car or non-commercial truck, and the force of an 18-wheel collision. Can be easily plowed on the side of a shop or building.

Due to the sheer size of these types of trucks, virtually any debris attached to a commercial transport vehicle and another car or truck can result in serious, possibly fatal, injury. When one of these vehicles is transporting dangerous chemical substances or combustible products and is in a collision, the resulting injuries can be much more serious. Secondary trauma, which ranges from burns and injuries to the respiratory system, to dangerous freight traffic, occurs frequently.

Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of these types of accidents involving commercial truck drivers. This could cause a truck driver to fall asleep under control or to make a fatal driving miscalculation. Incidents of driver fatigue mainly occur during the day or in the middle of the afternoon. The latest research shows that panic after waking up from sleep is actually dangerous. It has been demonstrated that fatigue-related accidents are the worse type of accidents.

To ensure that the evidence is preserved, it is necessary to initiate an investigation into such an accident without delay. There is a lot of information that needs to be collected, as it is critical to the claims of the injured party. This will include details about prior regulatory violations by the transport firm or the driver concerned, information on routine maintenance of the vehicle, speed of your car or truck along with the truck, location of damage to the vehicles, logbook of the trucker. There will be statements from witnesses and early responders to the collision, for example, ambulance workers and law enforcement officers. An additional important bit of evidence would be the truck’s black box, which records information before, during, and after an impact.

Compared to other accidents, when a semi is involved, there is a large difference in the size of accident settlements. This is because trucking companies generally have a lot more coverage on their semi than an individual one on a passenger car.

Transport company representatives will often attempt to settle with injured parties out of court, and often for much less than the injuries (or death) are actually worth. This is one reason why accident victims should contact a trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible. To find this type of legal representation, look for a personal injury attorney who has experience dealing with trucking accidents, who is an experienced trial attorney, and is prepared and ready to take the case to court rather than settle quickly. Be ready to do.

Once an attorney is involved, the insurance representative will need to speak to the victim rather than the victim, who doesn’t need the kind of stress that has resulted from all the emotional trauma, personal injuries, and property damage.

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