Blogging Help: Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging

Blogging Help: We all started our blog as a new blogger at some stage of our life. We had a lot of questions but there were fewer answers. So, we googled and got some of our answers and some were unanswered. It was frustrating because we had to search for hours to find those answers because they were not in the same place. So, to make it easy for new bloggers here are some common blogging questions and answers for the new and to be bloggers. I hope you will find them useful.

Blogging Help: Blog, Blogger & Blogging Related Common Questions

Blogging Help: What is a Blog

A Blog is just like an online journal where people can share their thoughts on any specific topic to other peoples.
What is a blog: Blog Definition

Blogging Help: Who is a Blogger

A blogger is a person who creates and publishes the blog. A blogger’s work is not only limited to content creation or publishing. There are few other works that a blogger also needs to do like: promoting the blog, keeping the blog alive(publishing regularly) etc etc.
Who is a blogger: How to do blogging

Blogging Help: How to Structure Your Blog Post

1. Blog Title- At the beginning:
You Need to Select A Blog Title, which can be at the top of the blog. Plan your blog title before you start writing your blog.
2. Content-Middle Portion:
Write the blog content in this section. You can insert the necessary images in this portion. Try to write short paragraphs and keep the content plain and simple as much as possible. If necessary use headlines and lists to make it more readable. Also, try to write a conclusion.
3. Footer:
Keep a Footer for your blog. You can keep the necessary links at this portion.
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Blog Post Ideas: How to Choose Topic For Your Blog?

You can’t start to write if you don’t know what to write. The same goes for blogging. You need to know the topic before you start writing your blog. Usually, people write blogs on the topic they have expertise in. So it’s better to start writing about topics you already know. Like- if you are interested in politics and you have some knowledge about it, you can create a blog on political issues. If you are a doctor then it’s easy for you to write about health tips.
Remember, blogging is related to your passion & interest, not to your profession. You can write on anything you are interested in but you need passion.
Blog Post Ideas: Blog Topics & Ideas for Starting a New Blog

Blogging Help: How can I write About Me (About Author) or the Author Bio?

The “About Author” section or widget gives your blog more credibility as your readers can learn more about you and what you do. It creates trust. So, feel free to write the things you want your readers to know about you. You can write about what you do or about your interests. Actually it depends on you.

Blogging Help: How to write an About Us page for a blog

It’s a good practice to put an “About Us” page in your blog. Now comes the question, what to write? and how to do it? If you are using a CMS like WordPress then it’s too easy. Just create a page named “About Us” and write your content there. Don’t forget to add the page to your menu. Now, if you are using any different CMS then the procedure may vary. It depends on your CMS.
For a personal blog, what you will write in your About Us page depends on you. The rule of the thumb is, you should write about yourself or the information you want your readers to know about you. If there are multiple authors then it’s better to put images and some info on each of the authors. So that readers can learn more about the authors. You can even put links to your personal profile.
For an organizational blog, the scenario is a bit different. An organizational blog may contain the organization’s missions and visions or values or even the member profiles in the “About Us” page.

Blogging Help: How to Write a Good Article for a Blog

It’s not hard to write a good article for your blog. Before you start to write anything, stay calm and think about the topic. Will it solve any problem with your viewers? Is the information you are going to provide will help your readers?
1. Research on the topic. Think carefully about how much you would cover in your article.
2. Split the topics on several vital parts
3. Write short paragraphs for each part of the topic
4. Try to cover as much as possible.
5. Use plain and simple English
6. Never try to deliver an information bomb(too much information at same place). Yes, you may know a lot about your topic but your readers not. So let them enough time to digest that information.
7. Try to make your content more interesting and informative by using videos or infographics. Don’t become monotonous.
Blog Vs Article: Create Better Content for your blog

Blogging Help: How to find hot topics for Blogging

It’s not hard to find a good and hot topic in your niche. The easiest way is to use “Google Trends”. Or you can simply google on your niche and see the topics Google comes with. Those are the topics most people are searching for. You can even use Google Suggestions which you can find at the bottom of the search page.
Blog Topics: Ideas for finding hot topics

Blogging Help: How to get my blog in google search

The simplest way is to use the “Google Search Console” and submit your Blog there. It will require verification that you own the blog. After the verification, you need to submit your “Sitemap”. Within a few days, you can check how many posts google indexed.
Those are the preliminary things you can do to get indexed. But remember, “Content is the King”. If your content is helpful, soon people will find it useful and start sharing your content. So, give top priority to your content.

Blogging Help: How to Create Evergreen Contents or Articles?

Evergreen contents are the contents, those can retain their value over time. This type of content can have value even years after publishing. Not every content can become evergreen content. It actually depends on the reader’s needs. If any content can give answers to any issues even years after publishing or can solve a problem, it can be called evergreen content. Evergreen contents are pillars of a blog. They can bring steady visitor flow even years after publishing the content.
So, how to write evergreen content?

1. Before starting to write do some research & think carefully, which problem the post will solve. Is the problem seasonal or have a long-lasting value?
2. Try to solve every aspect of the problem and come with a comprehensive solution.
3. Try to put infographics and videos to make the content more attractive.
4. Update your content regularly.

Blogging Help: How to get Blog Traffic or Visitors?

Getting traffic to your blog is a common issue and new bloggers struggle most in this area. Allow me to get to the core of this problem.
a) Content Part:
1. Write quality content and make the content as unique as possible.
2. Use more visualization like infographics or videos
3. Try to write evergreen contents
4. Come up with an excellent & catchy headline, if necessary do some research on headline

b) Promotion Part:
1. Promote your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Remember never spam and create good catchy images or videos for social media posting.
2. Create a Youtube channel and share your videos there
3. Create a good Quora profile and answer people’s questions about your topic. Do not spam with your links.
4. Do not spam for backlink. If your content is good quality then people will gradually link to your post. Do not make haste.

c) Things to consider:
1. Keep patience (most important part)
2. For a new blog at the start of social media promotion, you will see some clicks & traffics from social media and usually almost no traffic from search engines. Whenever you give a pause to your social media, you will see almost no traffic to your blog. Remember this is normal. To gain a search engine trust you need time and it will happen gradually which may take 6-8 months or even years.
3. Update your content regularly
4. Publish your content regularly. This is very important. Never give up and keep publishing.
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Note about SEO: There are too many things for SEO, which is beyond the scope of this FAQ. Please refer to our SEO section for details.

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