Google AutoDraw: The Truth Behind AI-Driven Beautiful Images

Google AutoDraw is an excellent drawing tool that combines machine learning with drawings and allows the user to draw fast. AutoDraw learns from the sketch we try to draw and offers us simply some options so that we can select one full drawing from the suggestions. So, the total drawing process becomes easy as AutoDraw suggests different drawings just by seeing 2-3 sketch lines and the user can select one from the suggestions. You can visit the Google AutoDraw website from this link: Google AutoDraw


What is Google Auto draw?

Google AutoDraw is a drawing tool and one of Google’s machine learning projects that allow users to create beautiful and colorful drawings very easily using devices like: desktop, tab, or mobile. Not only that, AutoDraw allows you to share or download the image you have created so that you can use it. In a nutshell, it auto-corrects your sketching and makes your life a lot easier.

How To Use Google AutoDraw For Your Website Or Blog

Well, we all need images for our blogs and websites. Not only images we also need icons, toons, doodles, etc to make our website or blog more attractive to our users. So, how do we manage those images? We outsource or create those images, doodles, etc using different expensive software. Ok, not all those software are expensive, some are cheap and even some are free.

With Google AutoDraw, we can easily create great doodles for our website or even for social media for free. AutoDraw allows downloading those images in PNG format. Till now, there is no option for a transparent background but still this tool worths a try as it is free and there is nothing to lose. Let’s check the tools first:

  • There is a drawing tool for drawing.
  • A text tool for inserting beautiful texts
  • Fill tool for inserting color with a single click
  • A shaping tool for creating different shapes like rectangles, squire, etc.
  • On top of everything an AutoDraw tool for auto-completing the doodle or image.

Here is a keyboard shortcut of AutoDraw.

AutoDraw Keyboard Shortcut

Benefits of Google AutoDraw

  • Browser-based: It works on any device that has a browser. Moreover, it works with most of the common browsers.
  • It’s free and simple: It costs nothing and is very simple like the paint software we usually use in the windows operating system
  • Easy to use: It’s very easy to use and can be used with a mouse or touch. No learning curve which means you can start drawing within a few minutes.
  • Balance both ends: A great tool for both professional and amateur doodlers
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