Google Drawing Game: QUICK, DRAW! Playing Guide

Google drawing game: QUICK, DRAW! is a web-based software developed by Google with an intention to make the neural network learn and recognize doodling. According to Google, the QUICK, DRAW! contains the world’s largest doodling data set. Google made it open for everybody to give it a try.

How To Play QUICK, DRAW!

All you need to do is to visit this URL QUICK, DRAW! You will be asked to start the game with an interesting yellow button “Let’s Draw!” Let’s take a look at what you can expect after entering. It will ask you to draw something and give you some time to draw it. Interestingly when you start to draw, it will start giving you the name of things it understood at the bottom of the screen. As you keep drawing the names keep changing too.

The most interesting part of Google Drawing Game is, sometimes it understands what you are drawing within a few seconds. Sometimes it can’t understand at all. Actually the AI learns from whatever we draw. So the actual game is how fast we can make it understand.

Editing Options

There is not much editing option given. Usually, you have to draw with your finger. If you make any mistake you can erase it with an eraser which is located at the top right corner of the screen on your desktop.


The game allows you to play 6 times per session. Once you complete 6 tries it will show you the result. You can even share the result on Facebook and Twitter. If you have enough time you can try again and again and spend hours with this game.

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