Proven Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Rock Solid Foundation

Driving quality traffic to our blog is one of the toughest hurdles most of us bloggers faced at our early blogging life. Some may say that it’s not that hard, why not consider paid advertising? Well, Paid advertising is not an option for two reasons. Firstly, most of the new bloggers don’t have the money for ads or reluctant to go for advertising. Secondly, generating quality traffic from ads is not that easy as it requires a lot of research and money to reach that goal. Moreover, if you can get tons of organic traffic for free then why should you pay for them? So, we will only talk about the tips for increasing organic blog traffic gradually to ensure a solid foundation. So let’s get straight to the point.

Increase blog traffic

First of all, there is no magic bullet to increase your blog traffic within a day or week. So the safest way is to build a steady traffic flow gradually with a solid content strategy and lots of hard work. Please understand that there is always some sort of competition, high or low depending on the niche you select. But the tips I’m giving you will work even if the competition is moderate. All you need to do is to follow the tips with a commitment to never give up and keep patience as it takes time to gain the search engine’s trust.

Tips for Blog Traffic: Work With Your Content

There is a common saying that content is king, but that depends on what type of content you are delivering. Now, if you are a new blogger then it’s really hard for you to know what actually works. A lot of bloggers will advise you about different techniques and practices. Sometimes you will find those techniques very useful and sometimes not at all. It’s because what works for them may not work for you. Similarly what works for you may not work for somebody else. Sometimes those techniques are niche-based. They may work for you or may not. But one thing is always common and that is your content. The most important thing in your blog is your content. So, our tips will start form content creation for our blog and gradually we shall proceed further.

1) Content Strategy

Leave everything else and get yourself some free moment without any sort of disruption. Now think carefully the following question and come up with answers for each of the following questions. Remember, Each of these questions is extremely important for your viewers as well as your goal to reach high traffic. So please don’t skip.

Content Strategy
  • For whom are you writing? Who is your target audience?
  • What is your content offering to those audiences or what problem is your content solving? If your content is not helping anybody then why people will read it? It is entertainment-based?
  • What makes you unique from other similar types of blogs? Are you offering something that others are not offering? Or are you adding values?

Well, I think you have already got the point. Your content must have some values and important for your readers. Otherwise, why will people read? Now, that’s not all. Jot down the topics you want to write about. Before jotting down the topics, I would like to give you another piece of important advice. Instead of just focusing on keywords, look for the “How to” questions related to your topic. Try to include those answers in your blog post. If possible keep one-third of those questions in your topic list. So that you have relevant important posts as well as moneymaking posts like reviews. Don’t forget to put some evergreen topics on your list.

2) Generate As Much Content As Possible (Quality Vs Quantity)

The more niche relevant content you have the more chance you have to rank better in search engines. Now, you may want to ask what should be the quality of the content? Should I consider quality or quantity? Well, the answer is, instead of publishing a low-quality blog post every day, it’s better to post high-quality content every week.

quality Vs Quantity

How will it help your readers? Well, take a look at your content strategy. Don’t you think it’s better to have a few good quality posts than a lot of low-quality posts? Remember, only good quality posts will add values to your blog and people only share a post if it is valuable.

A good quality post should be a long post that usually covers all the related topics. Now, don’t ask what should be the ideal length for your blog post. It depends on the topic you are trying to cover. Remember, your target is to add values to your post and cover most of the related topics. So the length can be anywhere from 1500 to 2500 words. Sometimes people even write from eight to ten thousand words to cover all related topics. If possible include research-based analytical data into your blog post. It will increase your reader’s trust.

3) Structure Your Content: Ideal Structure of A Blog Post

Well, we have already discussed good quality posts. Now it’s time to discuss structuring the content. Remember, you may have a good quality blog post but if you fail to structure your content properly then your viewer will not understand the proper value of the content. Because most of the viewers just skim through the content and very few of them read the parts that are important to them while fewer actually read the whole post. So, it’s your duty to structure your content properly so that people can find valuable information easily and fast. Structuring your content also helps to build a better user experience and thus reduce the bounce rate. Here are some tips which will help you to structure your content properly.

structure your content
  • Short, Catchy and Meaningful Headline: A catchy and good headline can easily attract the attention of people who are searching for the same topic. So, a headline is a vital part of your blog post as it can easily generate a unique appeal. Moreover, a good headline can also increase the click-through rate which helps to rank better in search engines. So, before you start creating your post, always come up with 3-5 headlines and select the best one for your blog post.
  • Split Tour Content Into Short Segments: It’s better to split the content into short and smaller segments or sections. It increases readability and makes the content easier to understand. So, split your long content into short paragraphs and use h1, h2, h3,h4, h5, h6 tags or lists whenever possible.
  • Use Good Quality Images: Use good quality images for your blog posts. I’m not asking you to buy stock images. The concept is to create some good quality interactive images. You can even use Canva or DesignWizard to create some great interactive images without even paying a dime. Design Wizard is a relatively new tool and you can even create videos with it. Don’t forget to optimize your images properly.
  • Use InfoGraphics: Never ignore the power of infographics. Research shows that the more research-driven infographics are added in a post the more share and backlink it gets. So always try to put some infographics in your post. You can read the following post by Neil Patel to get some more ideas. Neil Patel’s Post

Tips for Blog Traffic: Blog Promotion

Well, you have a great blog with some excellent content. Now what? Do you think people will start visiting your blog automatically? It is only possible when some of your blog posts are already ranked. For most of the new bloggers its a dream. Why will search engines rank you if nobody is visiting your blog site or sharing your content? Remember, search engines check the time your visitors are staying on your site. If people are staying more time then it’s a signal for search engines that people are reading your content and your content a good. But how will you attract viewers to your new blog?

The answer is promotion. Yes, you need to promote your content to various places. It will help you to get some initial traffic until some of your blog posts are ranking well. Here is a to-do list for you.

  • First of all, share your content as much as possible on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Just sharing won’t do the job. Try to engage with your viewers. Come up with some interactive post ideas. Remember, for social media, simply sharing the blog post is not enough. You have to engage and the only way to engage your viewers is to create engaging social media content. Do not spam and take one single step at one time.
  • Create videos with your content and publish the videos to Youtube. I know there is a lot of work but you don’t have to do those in one day. Take your time and gradually create the videos. Don’t forget to create your own Youtube channel. Otherwise, where will you publish?
  • For Pinterest, try to use separate boards for each of the topics or small niche. Try to join Group Boards as much as possible. and share your content there. TailWind is an excellent tool for Pinterest promotion. If possible use it wisely. Above all, do not spam.
  • Harness the power of platforms like Quora. Try to answer as many questions as possible of your niche. If any of your blog posts have an answer to any specific question don’t forget to mention that with a link to your post. If none of your blog posts have the answer then try to create a blog post on that topic. Because from Quora you can easily figure what people are looking for. If the viewers’ count is high then your chance of getting attention is also high.
  • Do Guest Blogging if Possible with a linkback. You can even write some good post at Medium and linkback to your blog. It will help you to get some good targeted audience.
  • Use the subscription or e-mail list properly. Let’s consider that people are visiting your blog and leave. Now it’s your duty to retain them and asking them to visit again for new and updated information. If you don’t do that then you are losing your most potential viewers. How will you do that? The answer is easy. Use an email subscription tool like ConstantContract or Mailchimp etc and enable a signup option. You can offer some promotions to motivate your viewers to subscribe. Write emails to them once a week. Don’t spam and remember, your mails should at least provide them some value. Otherwise, people will simply unsubscribe.

Tips for Blog Traffic: Some Good Things You Can Do

  • Always create an about page with your true information. Use the about page or Author Bio properly. Like – for Author Bio, you can put the information at the end of the blog post or at a sidebar. The concept is to keeps it at a prominent and visible area so that your viewers can see the information. It creates trust. Because nobody wants to listen to strangers. You can write your accomplishment on your niche at your about us page. It will create a good impression that you are an expert in this niche. Some people even go as far a putting the subscription form at about page. It helps because it’s easier to build up a relationship with people who already know about you.
  • Optimize your Page Speed properly. Page speed means page loading time. Nobody likes a sluggish blog to read which takes ages to load. So, keep your page loading time as less as possible. Page Speed optimization is also an important factor of SEO and Search engines love fast sites.
  • Optimize your posts for SEO like meta description etc. SEO itself is a giant so it will be hard to discuss more on SEO within this blog,
  • Take a look at your analytical data– Yes, you should know what your visitors are doing after landing on your blog. Are they simply leaving or bouncing? Or, are they visiting any specific post more? How much time they are spending on your blog? These type of data will give you a better insight of your viewers behaviour. So that you can act accordingly.
  • Commenting– Yes, a very important thing you shouldn’t ignore. Reply to the comments as it will help you to build a relationship with your readers. Remember, people may say good or bad but never lose your calm and try to answer if there are questions in the comment area.
  • Motivate Yourself To Write regularly– Blogging is hard and writing regularly is also a tiresome work. You should read more and more. Remember, the more you read the more you will have ideas to write. In a nutshell, read and gather ideas, then write.

Those are some areas you can give your input to increase your blog traffic. Remember, ranking is a very lengthy process. For some niche, it may take only a few weeks to months. On the other hand, for some highly competitive niche, it may take years to rank. So never lose your patience. Keep writing regularly or with an interval but keep writing and never stop. I have seen many bloggers quit when success was just beside their door. If you have a passion for what you are doing then success will definitely knock your door.

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