How To Remove Background From Image (Remove BG Apps)

Background Whitener: Nowadays image background remover is an essential tool mainly for e-commerce and some other online services. Though we, bloggers usually don’t need to remove background from images, it may still come handy sometimes. Especially for making logo or favicon or even for making the image more appealing. Removing the background or making the background transparent for creating beautiful images has become a prominent service nowadays. There are also some online services where we can easily remove background from images without paying a dime if it’s for only a few images. Though we, bloggers don’t need to automatically remove background from images, this is actually an essential service required for e-commerce websites. Because e-commerce websites usually need this service for uploading bulk product images and it is actually a very tiresome and time-consuming work if it is done manually. Here comes the need of making this work automatic.

Let us drive a little bit deeper and find useful information about how to do it manually and automatically and where to find this service free and how to remove background from product images in bulk. Yes, a lot of information so fasten your seat belt as it will be a fast and deep dive.

Remove Background From Image Manually With Desktop Background Burner Softwares

remove background

Removing image background with desktop-based software is easy and but a little time-consuming. It also requires some skill and there is a bit learning curve too. Still, doing manually ensures better quality and also professionalism. Unless you have a lot of images to remove background, doing it manually would be a wise idea. So, here is a list of desktop-based Softwares that can help you to remove background from images.

Photoshop: Remove BG with Photoshop

remove image background- photoshop

Photoshop is one of the best tools out there for removing image backgrounds. Though it’s a little tricky to do the work but you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do this. Above all, once you get hold of the procedure then it will become very easy and you can easily remove background from any image. Remember, Photoshop is not free software. So you have to pay for the license.

PhotoScissors: Remove Background From Image Online & Offline

PhotoScissors Remove Image Background

Removing image background with PhotoScissors is very easy. It doesn’t take too long to get used to with this image removing tool. The best part is you can use the online version as well as the desktop version. So, if you are looking for background removal in balk then you can easily switch to the desktop version.

Corel Photo-Paint: An Excellent Tool For Image Background Removing

Background removing tool Corel Photo Paint

Corel Photo-Paint 2020 comes with CorelDraw graphic suite. Though using this tool for just removing image background will be an overkill, still it is one of the best tools out there and trust me, you will thank me if you get used to with this tool. It is an excellent graphic editing tool and very re-known for it’s performance.

GIMP: Free Image Background Burning Or Erasing Tool

GIMP Free Image Background Removing Tool

If you are looking for a free tool for editing and removing background from images then GIMP is the perfect choice for you. GIMP is available for Linux, Windows, and OS-X. So, Feel free to use it on your desktop PC for single or bulk background removing tasks. If you are worried about the quality of this software then I can assure you that it is a very famous tool and people usually give very positive feedback about GIMP.

Inkscape: Erase Background From Image Free

Remove Image Background with Inkscape

Inkscape is an excellent graphic editing tool like Photoshop, Corel or GIMP. It can be downloaded and installed on a desktop PC. Inkscape stores it’s graphic in vector format and it’s really easy to remove background from images with this tool. Above all, it’s free. So I would highly recommend giving it a try.

PhotoPad: Image Editor for Removing Background from Image or Photo

Remove BG photopad

PhotoPad is another small photo editing tool with some great features like removing background images. It has both free and paid version and easily downloadable for Windows and Mac as well as android app. The free version is for non-commercial use. You can give it a try and test the free version before you make a purchase.

Remove BG With Background Removing Apps (For Beautiful Selfie)

Remove BG

You can easily remove background from image online with Android and IOS apps those are available in market. Some of them are free and some of them require a little payment to remove background. Usually, those tools are easy to use but sometimes may require a little practice. Well, let us go through the list first.

Background Eraser: Remove Image Background Easily

erase image background with background eraser

Background Eraser is an android app that helps to cut images as well as to remove background easily. This is a small app that does its job perfectly. It also comes with 2 modes. The first one is the auto mode and the other one is extract mode. It is also an excellent tool for making transparent background selfies.

Magic Eraser Background Editor: (iPhone & Android)

magic eraser

An excellent android app to remove the background of any picture in seconds. This app uses automated background area removal (magic wand tool) and can be said as a perfect tool for removing, editing, and cutting images. Removing the background with this tool is very easy and can make your selfie very attractive.

Background Remover Pro- Background Eraser Or Changer

Background Eraser Pro: Background eraser or changer

Well, this one is also a good one and a nice tool for changing background. Obviously it’s a great tool for background removing but there is an excellent feature that makes this tool lucrative. You can not only cut your photo background, but you can also change the background fast and in an easy way. You can give it a try if you want a great selfie.

Simple Background Changer: A Simple App For Erasing Background

simple background changer app

Simple background changer is really simple to use. This app allows to cut, paste, and change the background which makes it an excellent tool for selfies. The strength of this app is, it allows to cut any image with precision. The quality is great and you can remove the image from background with a simple finger touch. Overall, a nice app to try for.

MagiCut: A Cut & Paste Photo Background Remover

MagiCut: Remove Background easily

Magicut is a bit different type of photo editor. It allows you to remove the photo background with a flick. Other than simply removing the background, it also allows to add text and create a meme. You can even create a special cartoon effect with this app. If you are looking for removing product background then this app may not suit your needs but if you are looking for an app that will remove background from your selfie and create beautiful selfies with the artificial background then you should give it a try.

Automatic Bulk Background Remover Tools Online

Automatic Bulk Background Remover Online

List of some great automatic background tools online for making your life easier. These tools are an excellent option for removing product background in bulk. No matter which e-commerce platform you are using, removing background is a mandatory part of the product listing. Doing it manually is possible and it gives better performance but what will happen if you have thousands of products to remove background? Well, automatic bulk background removal tool shines in this area to make your life easier. Most of these are browser-based online background removing tools. Some of them are fully automatic and some are semi-automatic. Some of these tools even use artificial intelligence. Well, enough talk, let’s take a look at the list:

Zenfotomatic: Auto Remove Photo Backgrounds

Auto Remove Photo Backgrounds

Zenfomatic offers the fastest way to prepare photos for online stores by removing background from product images. The good part is you don’t have to install any software as this tool is cloud-based and this tool will do the Auto-cutting, resizing, centering, background cleaning, white backdrop processing, color correction, etc on the fly.

Autoclipping: Background Remover Online

Autoclipping offers simple background removal with background and foreground bushes. This online tool is exceptionally easy to use and only 3 simple steps to remove background from any image. This tool also allows to create banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just create e-card and much more.

PhotoScissors: Online Photo Background Removing Tool

PhotoScissors: Online Photo Background Removing Tool

PhotoScissors offers an online tool to remove background from images automatically. Yes, it also has a desktop version which we have discussed earlier. The online version also works well and automatically removes the background from images with few clicks without any technical expertise.

Background Burner: Remove Image Background Online

Background Burner: Remove Image Background Online

Background Burner is another excellent online tool for automatically removing background images. This tool is specially designed for e-commerce product background removal. They offer 3 types of subscription- personal, small biz, and professional. You can select the one you need. The personal subscription allows only 20 images per month. So, for e-commerce, you will need small biz or professional subscription.


There are still many background remover tools that are not discussed here. Still, I have tried to put the important ones. Before you decide to purchase, any of the paid tools, don’t forget to try before you buy. It will also help you to understand how the tool works and if it’s suitable for your need or not.

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