Amateur Blogs: Ten Amateur Blogger Mistakes You Should Never Make

We all had that day when we first started our blog. At one stage of our life, we had our enlightenment and understood our mistakes. Some of those mistakes were very common and some of them were silly. Still, if we couldn’t get rid of those mistakes we couldn’t become what we are. We still make mistakes but it’s true that at one stage of life we all were amateurs. So being an amateur is not a bad thing rather it’s good for us so that we can learn from our mistakes and blog like a pro.

Ten Silly Mistakes Of Amateur Bloggers

So, if you are a beginner blogger and have a passion for blogging then don’t become sad if you are not getting enough traffic and thousands of followers. Rather be happy that you have joined the wonderful world of blogging and someday you will get rid of all these crazy mistakes you are making now and become someone with millions of fans and followers. I personally still treat myself as an amateur which reminds me to stay away from those silly mistakes. Now let’s get straight to the point.

Ten Silly Mistakes Every Amateur Blogger Make

1. Using Free Domain & Free Hosting

Well, that is one of the most common and silly mistakes amateur bloggers make. It is understandable that at the beginning, bloggers become reluctant to invest and use free domain and hosting. But that is a major no no. Remember, it’s not bad to use free domain or hosting but the trick is how you use it. So, whats wrong with free domain and hosting and what’s the trick?

As a blogger, your content is your top priority. So, if somebody buys you a domain and hosting and gift it to you then take it. If you take your domain from sites that offering free domains out of blue, then chances are those domains have a bad reputation. Remember nothing is free in this world. So don’t risk the reputation of your blog for only a couple of bucks.

Same goes for your hosting, If you host your blog on blogger or free Wordpress or any similar platform, then you will suffer in the long run. Because it’s hard to change hosting and sometime you will find a dead-end if you try to change the host. Let’s understand this problem with an example. Suppose you have created your blog on google blogger. After sometime when you put many contents and your blog is performing better, you decided to switch to your own domain and hosting because of email subscription or any other issue. Now, how will you export your content to another site from blogger? Chances are, you will stuck and the migration is not a smooth process. So it’s always better to start with your own domain and hosting.

Now, what will you do if you don’t have the option to invest a hundred buck for your domain and hosting? There is still a solution. You can start with a relatively cheap hosting provider who offers a free domain with hosting packages like iPage or Fatcow. When your blog starts getting some good amount of traffic then you can switch to a better hosting package which is much easier.

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2. Lack Of Consistency:

This is the most crucial mistake every new-bee blogger does. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, if you have just started your blog and wait for visitors to visit; then you are doing it in the wrong way. Blogging requires a lot of planning and working. You have to plan your contents, write them, then edit them, then promote them… and the list goes on. If things go south, don’t give up. Put your best effort and see if things change or not. If not, then find your mistakes, learn from them and rectify them. You will soon see the changes and will see the gradual increment of visitors. You should also remember that you can’t pour water into a cup that is already filled. So, be flexible to learn and be consistent in learning.

Another thing you should remember and that is writing regularly. Don’t let your content die. Yes, it actually means that you should update your content regularly. It will keep your content alive for a long time and you will see a gradual increase of visitors.

3. Ignoring The Importance Of Analysis

Never Ignore The Importance Of Analysis

You can say that you use the analysing tools and you know how many viewers you have got and from which country. Well, You sure are using analyzing tools but in a wrong way. Those bunch of data is not at all sufficient for you, especially when you are a blogger and you want to increase your traffic. There are many important data you should look for. Like- how much time your viewers are staying on a particular page. What are they doing after visiting your landing page. If you see that people are just entering and exiting from the landing page then see the search query and see what content is missing. Include them and see if that increases your viewers staying time. You may also implement heatmap for better understanding your viewers behavior.

4. Not Prioritizing Designs Based On User Experience

This is another beginner mistake new bloggers tend to make. Most of the time new bloggers just put an average-looking theme and forget what comes next. It is not wrong to put an average-looking theme for your blog. The important part is to know if the theme is actually appealing to the visitors or not. The look as well as performance (User Experience), both are important. You should know how your visitors are interacting. So, if you see that visitors are getting away from your landing pages then you should think about implementing better navigation so that your visitors can see your other posts or articles. Including relevant posts at the sidebar may help for better navigation. So, there will be many trials and errors you have to face and gradually make your designs more interactive and appealing to your visitors. There are many more things to consider about optimizing your blog design but I think you already have a rough idea on design optimization for user experience.

5. Reluctant To Adopt New Techniques

Lack of adaptability is another new-bee mistake. Many people who are new to blogging, usually face this issue as the internet is an ever-changing world. What is working now may not work tomorrow. So, we need to be more adaptable and brave enough to try out new techniques and technology. Allow me to give an easy but real-life example. In the early years of blogging, people used their full concentration on writing. Gradually bloggers understood that promotion is also an important factor. Then bloggers started to explore many tools and techniques for promoting their blogs and now if you think that you will create your blog without a single video then you will be on the losing side. Videos became so popular that video blogs got another name that is Vlog and people who create those video blogs became Vlogger.

New Techniques
Always Try To Adopt New Techniques

So, as a blogger, if you can’t adopt the new technologies and techniques then you will fall behind. The best way to avoid this issue is to study and test. The Internet is full of false information . So it’s your duty to verify that information and test which one works better. If any technique is working for you then stick to it and test other techniques people are talking about.

6. Underestimating The Power Of Headlines

Headlines, yes that is what makes your blog more visible to others. When you search, which result do you actually click? Here comes the power of a headline. Among so many search results, you click only what you think is important for you. How do you decide, which one is important? Obviously by reading the headlines. Most of the newbie bloggers tend to ignore this part and instead of carefully curated headline they just put whatever headlines comes to their mind. Moreover, they forget to check how their blog is performing. So never ignore the power of your blog headlines. If you see a lot of views but very few clicks in your analysis data then it’s time to make some adjustments in your headlines. If necessary use online headline-generating tools. Most of those tools are free so use them as you like.

7. Ignoring The Power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is another area where newbie bloggers struggle most. Either most of them purely ignore the SEO techniques or do it in the wrong way. Only a handful of newbie bloggers do it with carefully planned SEO techniques. SEO is not hard and it’s not too easy. It needs planning, research, continuous study, and work. Which is really a bit hard for amateur bloggers but if you can keep it up with patience then you will get the sweet return for all your hard works (flow of visitors).

Search Engine Optimization

Caution: A lot of newbie bloggers tend to do another dangerous mistake when they try to build back-link for SEO. Instead of creating value for the back-linking site; they create unusual links that are more spammy and actually hurt their blog ranking. If you focus more on quality content then you will naturally get some backlinks. If necessary do some guest-blogging. One more thing you should remember, always write for your readers, not for search engines.

8. Touching Multiple Niches:

A very common and silly mistake as it is really tempting to cover all the niches where you are an expert. But that is one of the most deadly mistakes the new bloggers make. You may be an expert of many niches and want to cover all of them in your blog but instead of covering all of them in the same blog, why not break them down and create a separate blog for each of them?

Your readers will bless you for this as they wouldn’t become confuse of what the blog is actually about. It will also bring some loyal readers who will read your blog regularly.

9. Writing Without Any Content Strategy:

Content strategy is a very important part and most of the amateur bloggers fail to realize it at the beginning. It’s always better to create a content strategy and schedule ahead for your content. With a good content strategy, it will become easier to create meaningful, engaging and sustaining content which will create a steady flow of visitors. A content strategy will also help you to get the targeted audience relatively faster and for a longer period of time. So never overlook it.

10. Not Engaging With Readers In Comment Section

Well, not properly replying in comment section is a very common mistake and amateur bloggers are very efficient on doing this. The tendency that works here is “Will reply later” and that later never comes. Sometime new bloggers fail to properly answer the unwanted questions which can be another reason for not replying. Whatever the reason is, not replying the comments will never do any good. Experience bloggers always welcome comments and reply regularly because it is one of the best way to engage with audience and helps the relationship building.


Well, those mistakes are not all. There are few more but it’s really easy to overcome them with patience and practice. If you have passion, if you enjoy blogging then it would become easier for you. One thing you should remember, never think that you will start generating money from your blog at the beginning. So don’t wast your time finding advertisements and don’t get disheartened if those ads aren’t getting clicks. Everything needs time and as a beginner its your duty to keep patience and keep writing. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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