5 Things to Consider Before Switching Home Insurance Companies

While the price may be right, you need to consider additional factors before switching your home insurance. Price is not everything, don’t forget to look at it from all angles before taking any decision. Below are some items to consider.

Housing and Content Coverage

Housing is a big number and is usually the number that everyone focuses on while getting a home insurance quote. Typically the housing coverage amount is determined by appraisal, professional opinion, or insurance industry evaluation software. Material, which is everything you take with you when you move, is often a percentage of the housing amount. Obviously, it’s not difficult to compare these numbers on your current policy to the policy you’re switching to, but there are additional factors to consider. Firstly, if the coverage on your current policy is high then reducing it may not be a bad thing, but on the other hand, if it is too low for you, to begin with, just to save a few bucks you may not want to reduce it anymore. Huh. In addition, there are some policies that provide additional coverage in the event of a total loss if certain criteria are met. This extra coverage isn’t always explicitly indicated, but it can make a huge difference if a worst-case scenario occurs. Just because the numbers on the quote match doesn’t mean the policies are the same. Make sure that the amount for which you choose to insure the accommodation is sufficient for the reconstruction and that the amount specified for the contents is sufficient to replace all your belongings with brand new kind and quality items Is. This means that a 10-year-old couch that you think is worth $50 will be replaced by a brand new $500 couch, as long as you have enough coverage.

Discount on holding multiple policies with the same company.

So you have a house and two cars insured with the same company and you are looking to transfer the house to another insurance company. Well don’t jump right now, remember that having everything in one place can get you a huge discount on your auto insurance. For example, the cost of home insurance with a current company is $1,200 per year and you got a quote of $1000 with a different company. Considering that both companies and coverage are similar, this is good news. Correct? Well, it will feel good until you realize that your auto insurance bill for each car has gone up because you have lost multiple line discounts on each car that is worth $120/year. So now you’re paying $40 more per year, not such a big deal. But wait, why not get a multiple-line discount with your new company? The problem is that almost all companies that write home coverage in Florida do not offer auto insurance and therefore have no multiple-line discounts. Before you shop for new coverage, be sure to be aware of all the discounts that may be affected by company changes.

Company strength

I’m sure you’ll want to pay extra for a product that works rather than save money on something that doesn’t work at all. This is how insurance policies need to be looked at. In 2004 and 2005, after several hurricanes, dozens of Florida insurance companies closed their doors begging their customers to send money to the Florida Guarantee Fund. Do your homework before switching companies, there are companies out there that started out last week with only a few million dollars in the bank. Maybe you are leaving a company that has gone through a storm and left for a new start-up company that will go out of business in the next few years when the storm hits. Check out ambest.com for rates on insurance companies and choose one that you believe will be around before and foremost a hurricane.

Coverage, Riders, and Advertising

So you’ve gotten to the point where core coverage all looks good, you’re not missing any discounts, and you think the new company is financially sound. Time to delve a little deeper, look at additional coverage, riders, and endorsements, and ask an agent to do a comparison. Some companies are a lot more lenient than others when it comes to this type of coverage, so make sure you know what you’re getting. for example; Loss of use coverage on a home insurance policy is intended to provide the insured with living expenses if the home is not habitable and other arrangements are required, such as rent or hotel accommodations, more food than usual, or travel expenses. One policy may provide unlimited expenses for up to 2 years while another may limit it to one year with a maximum of $10,000. This is a huge difference and can seriously affect the quality of life in the event of a fire or storm. You’ll only know if you ask, so make sure you know what you’re getting.

Underwriting Restrictions

So you have a dog, pool, diving board, trampoline, and some loose shingles. There is no problem in finding the coverage and canceling your old policy but then you get a cancellation notice after 3 months. Yes, they sent someone to your home and any of the items listed above can get you canceled. Every company is different so your Pit Bull Labrador Mix may not be a problem with your previous company, but you don’t want to risk new ones. Or the fact that your pool isn’t surrounded by a screen or permanent fence may fix it now before it’s a problem. These and many other issues can be cause for concern, so be sure to check which ones could be the problem before you make the switch. Well if you think you can go back to your old company that may not be possible because many insurers will keep you until you leave and then never let you back, so it all before you cancel Find out

The information above is only a shortlist of things to consider and is provided for informational purposes only. You can find out more at stateinsurancegroup.com or contact your insurance company, agent, or consult your policy directly for answers to the usual coverage questions. May you be successful!

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