Top 7 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free in 2022

Being a good doctor is not enough. It doesn’t matter where he sets up his practice, right? For any blogger, choosing the best blogging platform is almost as important as the content he is trying to sell.

This write-up is geared towards anyone trying to start a blog for free. You’ll want to end up with the best blogging site that’s easy to use, easily customizable, and easy on the eye of your reader!

Thinking of giving your opinion on the web? Or even trying to make a decent amount of money by writing your opinion on the Internet sector at large? Well, there are a variety of free blogging sites available for you to start a blog. Of course, which best blog platform you choose is entirely up to you and your needs.

Listed below are short articles about the 7 best blogging platforms to help you decide which one to choose when trying to start a blog for free.

7 Best Blogging Platforms Compared

Is WordPress the best blogging platform?

Almost all bloggers and current bloggers must have heard about WordPress during their blogging journey or at least during their research for the same. In this campaign, it’s natural to hesitate for a minute before choosing between and is more for users who are looking for free blogging sites whereas requires user-by-user hosting, which means you will have to spend a few bucks to get the most out of it, but it will help you. Gives full ownership rights. your blog.

Explore its pros and cons and decide if it is the best blogging platform for you?


  • Very good content management system.
  • is an open source website builder that adds to its flexibility.
  • The variety of themes make it highly customizable for bloggers. There’s definitely more benefits to here
  • There are many free plugins available for that give you a lot of variety.
  • If you want to make some income from your blogging, you can always go to It is one of the best blogging platforms for e-commerce.
  • It gives you lots of opportunities to learn and expand. There are tons of forums and communities to help you along the way if you find this difficult.


  • For self-hosting for, you will have to invest some money in it. But hey, the more you are willing to invest, the more profit you can get, especially if you are using the blog as part of your business and not just as a hobby.
  • There are limited plugins and designs available for, but still on par with other blogging platforms.
  • It takes time to understand all the features before getting the maximum benefit and thus is time consuming and challenging for a beginner.

1. Difference Between WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG

The basic difference when it comes to distinguishing between the two is the domain name. If you looked specifically, one has extension while the other has a .com extension. Now the mystery begins! Go ahead and read the great features that make the two different from each other.

  • is a software services-based company that provides hosting services on a large scale. More as an informational data container which basically contains information related to Word Press and its various aspects.
  • Provides hosting services completely free. Although the installation part is a bit tricky. This service is free and is an open-source platform that gives quality products to its users.
  • Not customizable. No individual plug-ins or modification of the source code is allowed. Customization made possible. It is easy to modify the source code to get the best benefits.
  • You have to pay to remove those third party ads.
  • No such payment fee required.

2. Set up your own blog with WEEBLY

Although another popular blogging platform, Weebly is now mostly used as a website builder. With Weebly, you can have your blog up and running in no time.


  • Easy drag and drop option hence provides a visual interface while creating website content.
  • It gives you great ease of use. Weebly. You don’t have to be tech savvy to find your way around
  • Attractive design and layout options
  • Not time consuming, as it is relatively easy to learn how to get around
  • Ideal for users who want to build a small or simple website
  • Free hosting services offered for their sites
  • A platform designed for e-commerce
  • monetization. Weebly offers many options in this area such as AdSense, banner ads and third party code.


  • Not an open source website builder. Doesn’t offer more flexibility than other players in the platform
  • There is a page restriction for the Free and Starter plans – 5 pages for the former and 10 pages for the latter. However, there are two upgrades available from the Starter plan
  • lack of adaptability
  • Does not support additional plugins other than already built plugins. Hence, there is no option to install more plugins of your choice
  • Not ideal for those who want to earn revenue using complex websites

3. Blogger

4. Tumbler

5. SquareSpace

6. Medium

7. Ghost

Choosing the best blogging platform for you is quite an important call. Weigh your needs and skills thoroughly to make an informed decision!

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