What is A URL(Uniform Resource Locator): What Does URL Stand For?

A Uniform Resource Locator(URL) is also known as the website address. But we already know that our domain name is our website address. So, does it mean our domain name and URL are the same thing? Well, the assumption is partially correct. Our website or blog address is part of the URL. A URL contains more than just the domain name. So, let’s take a look and find what a URL actually contains.

What Is The Meaning Of URL & What does it Contain:

A URL is actually a type of uniform resource identifier. A URL usually contains the following things.

What is a url
  1. Protocol
  2. Location for Server(IP Address) or Domain
  3. Port(Optional)
  4. Resource Directory Structure and resource location(File)
  5. Fragment Identifier(Optional)

Well, the HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol) can be also HTTPS( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and it can be also other protocols like FTP, TFTP or Telnet. For the last three types of protocol, the above-mentioned example will be invalid.

The ‘www’ is not part of the protocol. It means “worldwide web”. You can also call it a subdomain which usually redirects to the main domain. Like- www.google.com and google.com will land on the same page.

Now, let’s consider the domain part. It can be an IP like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but those numbers are hard to remember so people use domain names like infobeehive.com instead of IP address.

The “blog/page” actually shows the directory structure of the resource server. In other words, it means the webpage you are viewing is inside the page directory where the page directory is inside the blog directory.

I know now, you will ask, where is the port number? Well, if you put https://infobeehive.com:80 then you will see the same page if you have typed https://infobeehive.com. Actually your browser will put the port number behind the scene so usually, you don’t have to type the port number.

Sometimes you may find URL like : https://www.yourdomain/blog?query=”Whatisblog”

What does the ?query=”Whatisblog” part means?

It means the query string.

Now you already understand three important things about URL

  • What is a website URL
  • What does a URL look like
  • The definition of URL

How To Find Your Website URL

Usually, if you are not directly using an IP then probably you are using a domain name like yourdomain.com. Now take a closer look at your browser. You will find an address like http://yourdomain.com and that’s your website URL.

Now you don’t have to remember so many things. Just type your domain name with extension on the browser address bar and the browser will understand the rest.

If you are interested to learn more about URL the here is a little history to meet your thirst.

According to Wikipedia, URL was first defined by Tim Berners-Lee in 1994. Tim Berners-Lee was the inventor of the World Wide Web. You can find more information on this topic in Wikipedia

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