What Is A Domain Name & How Does It Influence Your Business

A domain name actually identifies an IP address to find a website or a web application over the internet. In other word, if we consider our website as a shop then our domain name is the signboard of our shop and hosting is the shop space.

Now the question comes, why do we need a domain name? The answer is, a domain name is easy to remember. Let’s think about an IP address, which looks like xxx .xxx.xxx.xxx those x numbers. Do you really think it’s easy to remember those IP addresses? Just think, what would you do to search in google if you want to visit google with an IP address? That’s only google and what about the other websites you usually visit?

So the easiest solution is a domain name which is many times easier than using an IP. Like- domainname.com. A domain name can include letters and number combination of any type. We use a domain name to create an identity on the World Wide Web and domain names can also be used for branding purposes, such as Google, MSN, etc.

Fully Qualified Domain Name: Explanation Of FQDN
Fully Qualified Domain Name, FQDN
Fully Qualified Domain Name
A fully qualified domain name is also known as FQDN, which consists of two parts- hostname and domain name. Let’s consider your web address- it’s like www.yourdomain.com. The www here is the host and yourdomain.com is the domain name.

Domain Name System (DNS) & DNS Server
So we already understand what domain name is but what about domain name system or DNS that we always hear? Well, a DNS or Domain name system is actually a database in another word, naming database where the domain names reside and translated to IP addresses. Can you remember that a domain name point to an IP address? Now the question comes, who will remember which domain is pointed to which IP address? Here comes the DNS to rescue your domain from this problem. So a DNS will do the pointing and make a bridge between the domain name and IP address. So when somebody looking for any specific website address then the computer will ask the DNS about the IP address to locate the website information.

So what is a DNS server and what does it do? Well, the DNS server does the work of DNS. Because the database should be kept to somewhere and we just can’t keep it in our pocket. So the DNS server stores the naming database and serves it when someone is looking for that particular domain. Though the technical solution is actually not that easy and many things happen behind the scene but you should have an idea of DNS server.

What Is – Gtld And Top Level Domain Name?
A top-level domain or TLD is the last part of the domain name. Let’s consider www.yourdomain.com. Here the .com is the TLD. The generic TLDs are called GTLD like- .com, .org, .info etc. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is the entity that coordinates domains and IP addresses for the internet.

Gtld are very popular as most of us use them for our websites and web apps. Some of the TLDs and their explanations are as follows:

.com – Commercial businesses
.org – Organizations (generally charitable)
.net – Network organizations
.gov – U.S. government agencies
.mil – Military
.edu – Educational facilities like universities
.th – Thailand
.ca – Canada
.au – Australia
info – Information
There are also some other new Gtlds in the market like-

.party – For Party
.website – For website
.institute – For institutions
.xyz – For anything
Domain Registrars: Top Domain Name Registrars For Purchasing Domains
Domain name registrars are the organization who are responsible for the reservation of Internet Domain Names. In other words, we can say that we buy and renew domains from domain name registrars. These domain name registrars are accredited by ICANN(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

So, in a nutshell, we can register new domains or renew our old domains form these domain name registrars. We should keep in mind that not all registrars offer all GTLDs. Different registrars offer different GTLDs and that why if you want to buy a domain you should know which domain name registrar will be a good fit. Nowadays most of the giant or big registrars offer almost all old GTLDs and most of the new GTLD’s. There are some exceptions also.

The interesting thing is, different GTLDs are offered at different prices by different registrars. Like- One registrar may offer a new dot com domain for $12 and $14 for renewal while another registrar may offer the same domain for $8 but with a renewal price for $15. I think you already got an idea about the pricing game. So the recommendation here is before buying a domain name check with few registrars. At the same time, I would highly suggest buying from reputable registrars who are in this market for many years and have a good reputation like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Name, 1&1, etc. If possible take a look at the domain transfer fee, you may need it later. Other than purchasing and transferring, every domain registrars offer two common services which helps you to purchase

Domain Name Searching Or Checking With Domain Name Finder: Domain Name Lookup For Availability
Domain name registrars allow you to search and check domain names so that you can find if the domain name is available or not. If the domain name is already purchased then you are out of luck look for another domain name. Though you can contact the domain name owner and ask if he/she is willing to sell or not.

Domain Name Generators
These registrars also help your purchasing by generating domain names for you. Like: if you are looking for burger.com and burger.com is already taken by someone else then these domain registrars will show you other extensions like burger.org, burger.online etc. So that you can select the same name with other extensions.

Buying A Domain Name: Things To Consider
You can simply buy a domain name from any reputable registrars but there are few things you should consider before making the purchase. If you have already selected your domain GTLD then please skip the next paragraph. There are two things you should consider before selecting your domain name. like:

Which GTLD to select for a domain name?
Short Brand Name or Long Meaningful Name?
Well, the answer is simple. If your domain is for a commercial website then go for dot Com. If it’s for the organization then go for dot Org. If its party related site then goes for dot Party. So the rule of the thumb is to select GTLD according to your niche and purpose. Now, is the solution that simple? Some people will argue that dot com domains have better SEO value. Well, that might be true or not. I have seen many new GTLDs ranking good.

A short brand name and long meaningful name is another issue you need to overcome. The rule of the thumb here is, select the name that is easy to remember. Now the rest is your choice. If you are buying a domain for business then it’s better to select a short memorable brand name if possible. Just remember, do not buy a very long name. If you are going for a meaningful name, try to keep it within 11 letters if possible.

Now, let’s talk about the things to consider when you have already selected your domain name and about to purchase.

Hidden Fees: Many domain registrars offer domain at lower prices but keep a hidden fee. To avoid this issue please read the terms and conditions carefully. Sometimes those hidden fees are masked with some services which are almost mandatory or free but they are keeping a fee for those services. Like: WHOIS or RDAP listing.
Domain Transfer Fees: Sometimes you may need to transfer your domain to other registrars. Beware, some registrars offer very high transfer out fees or put such rules that it becomes almost impossible to transfer the domain. So before buying a domain from any registrar, take a look at their domain transfer out fees as well as terms and conditions.
Your Privacy: Remember, domain details are public record in the WHOIS and RDAP directories. Sometime you may need to hide that information for privacy or to stop spamming. But some registrars put their details instead of yours, which secretly gives them ownership of the domain.
Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase at Namecheap
Business Website Domain Name: How To Select
As I said earlier, the rule of the thumb is to select a domain name that is easy to remember. So if you can’t find a dot com domain for your short brand name or long meaningful name then go for other GTLDs that are close to your products or services. Like- if you provide insurance then you can go for a dot Insurance gTLD. So don’t get frustrated if you find a dot Com domain of your choice is already taken.

There are also some premium domains for you to check. Those domains are short and easy to remember. So don’t forget to check them out. Sometimes domain flippers buy the meaningful name domains for selling at a higher price. You can also buy them from different marketplaces of domain auction sites. Remember to check those domains before purchasing, because sometimes those domains have a bad reputation and were used by the previous owners for unethical practices like Blackhat SEO. So purchasing these domains will only harm your SEO ranking.

Free Domain Names: Should We Consider Them?
Sometimes different hosting services offer promotional free domains with their hosting packages. There is nothing wrong to grab those offers. But please remember to check the renewal fees of those domains as it’s their business policy to sell the domains at a lower price or free because they make the profit from sky-high renewal fees.

If you can’t buy a domain for personal use, then there is also an option from where you can get free domains like.TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ. Look for Freenom for those free domains if you badly need it. I wouldn’t suggest using those domains for serious websites.

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